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Saturday , April 19 , 2014
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Diplomacy, debate & delegates

Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 to Instability in Asia— delegates at JacoMUN 2014 were ready to take every problem to the discussion table and lay it threadbare.

The students’ attempt at “multi-lateral diplomacy” at the three-day Model United Nations at St. James’ School had Scott Furssedonn Wood, the British deputy high commissioner in Calcutta, doffing his hat.

“Diplomacy is the order of the day, whether it is in the boardroom or at the UN office. I’ve been part of many bilateral diplomacy commissions earlier. It is simpler than multi-lateral diplomacy that you people are attempting. And that is what happens at the international level too. I’m glad youngsters like you are taking an interest in international politics,” said Wood after inaugurating the event.

Principal T.H. Ireland said MUN, being held at St. James’ for the fourth year, is one of the most popular events. “I think it helps the kids form an open view of the world and become more sensitive to issues faced by foreign countries,” he said.

Nineteen schools from across the city participated in the competition this year. They were divided into four committees — The Historic Security Council, The Futuristic Special Summit, The Israeli War Cabinet and The Security Council.

The Historic Security Council discussed the Cuban missile crisis, the Security Council debated the Syrian crisis, the Futuristic Special Summit dwelt on instability in Asia and the Israeli War Cabinet discussed the Six-Day War.

“The world is a global village today and we feel the youth should be aware of all that is happening not only around them but also in other parts of the world,” said Dhruv Chaddha of ISC batch 2014 at St. James’ and security general of JacoMUN.

Ayan Sarkar, head of delegates in the team from La Martiniere For Boys, admitted the debate was tough but different. “It was a great exposure for all of us and we learnt a lot about research and how leaders across the world function. Also, the event was very well-organised. We were all very comfortable,” said the Class XII boy, whose team was adjudged the best delegation.

Aparimita Das, Class XI, La Martiniere for Girls, played the role of a delegate from France in the Futuristic Special Summit. “I’ve been to several MUNs before but this one was different because the board of judges was more interactive. Also, the level of debate was very high. Everyone had done their bit of research in complete earnestness. We also shared our light moments and had our share of fun at the summit.”

But when it came to business, it was serious matter for the hosts, who even created a website dedicated to the event.