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Saturday , April 19 , 2014
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Christians remember Jesus in prayers
- Special Mass in churches tonight to observe Christ’s resurrection

Christians across the city observed Good Friday by holding special prayers to mark the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

The special services at the city churches included reading of the Gospel passages and veneration of the Holy Cross. Way of the Cross, a tableau of Jesus’s journey through the streets of Jerusalem while carrying his Cross to the site of his crucifixion at Calvary, was showcased.

At the Queen of the Apostles Church in Kurji, devotees participated in an early morning enactment of the Passion of Christ followed by a prayer tableau. The Passion of Christ depicts the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus Christ.

At St Joseph’s Pro Cathedral, Bankipore parish, the devotees took out a procession to St Joseph’s Convent High School ground. The procession included carrying of the Cross via 14 symbolic stations. The rally ended inside the cathedral.

Each of the stations marked the different stages in the way of Christ to his crucifixion, including his condemnation to death, being made to carry his Cross, meeting with his sorrowful mother up to being laid in the sepulchre.

Father Jerome Dungdung, the head of the parish, along with other members, carried the Cross across the different stations, while the devotees read out the prayers.

William D’Souza S.J., the archbishop of Patna, in his Good Friday message, said: “Sins prevailed across the world. Evil, disorder, dishonesty and injustice were widespread. It is then Jesus, the son of God, came on the earth as a messiah. Jesus helped people suffering from leprosy and other chronic diseases. He healed the sufferings of people from different segments of society. However, a section of people, unhappy with him, killed him brutally by hanging him on the Cross. Jesus came to the world for the people and he gave up his human body also for the people. Jesus spread the message of love, forgiveness and justice through his life.”

Devotional addresses, procession, adoration of the Cross and evening vigils marked the Good Friday prayer service at Padri-ki-Haveli in Patna City.

Good Friday follows Maundy Thursday in the sequence of events in the Holy Week.

Father Joachim, administrator, St Joseph’s Pro Cathedral, Bankipore parish, said: “It (Good Friday) is a day to mourn the death of Jesus Christ. People speak in low voices in the house and no celebration is held. Alike all Fridays, during the holy Lent season, Catholics abstain from meat on Good Friday too. We would continue to mourn tomorrow (Saturday) as well and celebrate the rebirth of Jesus the next day — Easter Sunday.”

Special Mass would be held in the city churches from 11.30pm on Saturday night to observe Jesus’s resurrection.