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Friday , April 18 , 2014
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Full police treatment for Babul

Babul Supriyo after being questioned on Thursday. Picture by Santosh Kumar Mandal

Asansol, April 17: Bengal police may be accused of snoring over the Saradha scandal but they cannot be charged with giving special treatment to Opposition candidates.

Babul Supriyo, the BJP candidate in Asansol and a singer hastily charged under the Arms Act after an altercation with a Trinamul leader although no weapon was seen on footage, was questioned by the police tonight for over two hours.

The questions were asked with such zeal that they were audible to journalists waiting outside the office of the circle inspector, Bamapada Das, in Raniganj.

The following are snatches of the interrogation, mostly in English, but not in sequence.

A police officer (towards the close of the session): You answer properly what we are asking you.

Supriyo: I can’t go on like this and I can’t take it physically any longer. Don’t harass me like this. You did not even offer me a cup of tea. Will you please give me a cup of tea?

Officer: We have nothing personal against you. We are just performing our duty. You are a singer and a busy man. If you have time, then sit with us one day and then you will find that we are not bad people.

(A constable was later seen taking inside the office a cup of tea. Sources said it was given to Supriyo.)

Officer: What are the names of your supporters who were injured on April 12?

Supriyo: Kajal Pal and Manimoy Bhattacharya.

Officer: Were they admitted to any hospital?

Supriyo: They were treated at a private hospital in Raniganj town.

Officer: We have learnt from media reports that you were assaulted. Did you receive any injury?

Supriyo: I received minor injuries in my hand.

Officer: Where did you treat yourself?

Supriyo: I applied Neosporin on my wounds. I did not go to any doctor or hospital.

Officer: Why didn’t you write these details in the complaint?

Supriyo: It was a mistake by the writer of the complaint.

Supriyo emerged from the circle inspector’s office at 11pm, saying this was a “very bad experience for me”.

“I have never faced such a moment in my life before. First, I was accused of going around drunk during the campaign. I got a clean chit from the police. After that, I was accused of threatening people with arms. As a result, I am feeling very bad. However, I want to say ‘all is well that ends well’,” Supriyo said.

Asked how he felt, Supriyo said: “I have never been interrogated by the police before. It was rather difficult for me. I told them to video-record my statement. But they did not do it. They were firing questions one after another at me and I was feeling ill at ease.”

Asked how he would reply to the accusations against him, the singer sang: “Kuchh to log kahengey, logon ka kaam hai kehna…. Chhoro bekar ki baten….” (lyrics from Amar Prem which loosely translate as “people will talk… let them”)

During the interrogation, police sources said, he was asked around 100 questions.