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Tuesday , April 15 , 2014
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Learnt to play slog sweep from Steve Waugh: Ross

Calcutta: “Sometimes your strong point becomes your weak point,” says Delhi DareDevils (DD) batsman Ross Taylor while referring to his favourite shot — the slog sweep.

In an interview, Taylor says that with time and maturity he has felt the need to curb his favourite shot the slog sweep, a shot that he has made his own over the years. Moreover, he also says that he would not attempt to play a switch-hit a shot which is a favourite with his DD captain Kevin Pietersen.

“My favourite shot was always the slog sweep. I played a lot of hockey growing up and it just came naturally to me to hit on the leg side. Gradually, as I got older and more mature, I learnt to hit to the other parts of the ground. But it is definitely a shot I enjoy when it goes for a six.

But when asked whether it was his strength, he said, “I would have said that a few years ago, but right now, hopefully, I am a bit more versatile in the way I play. It is nice to be able to play it, but it is great to have some other strength as well.

It is nice to be famous or to be known for a shot, and at the same time, it is also nice to break that and be able to hit the ball to all parts of the ground.”

Taylor also revealed that Steve Waugh’s batting had inspired him to try and master the slog sweep. “I remember watching Steve Waugh play it quite a lot and he was very successful at it. I have learnt to play the slog sweep from him and from a lot of other players who play it well.”

When asked how he feels when people brand him as a one-dimensional player, he said, “People have their own perceptions about certain players. My natural instinct is always to hit the ball. To block and leave the balls is not my natural instinct. It has taken a while to groom that. But it is still nice and enjoyable to try and hit the ball as far as you can.”

Taylor feels that it requires a lot of mental toughness to let go of something that you are good at. “Sometimes your strength is also your weakness and you can get out to it. There was a period in my career where I did get out to it a few times. So, I guess, just putting it away was easier... I have become more calculative with my slog sweep and it is nice to be able to hit the ball to other areas and have teams set different fields for you.”