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Monday , April 14 , 2014
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Power spoiler on cool Sunday plans

- Glitch forces residents to sweat it out

A 10-hour power cut in Anandpuri and Gandhi Nagar spoilt some 15,000 residents’ plan to cool it off indoors on Sunday while the temperature outside hovered around 39ºC.

The localities woke to a power cut as early as 6am. Throughout the day, residents found it difficult to carry out daily chores. Children were deprived of their favourite Sunday TV shows.

Rinki Singh, a schoolteacher residing at Anandpuri, found it hard to keep her two children calm. “My kids usually wake up by 10am on weekends. But the power woke them up at 6am. They were unable to watch their cartoon shows and became irritable. It’s 2.30pm and I could not bathe as there is no water. We could not pump it up owing to the power cut,” she said.

Patna Electric Supply Undertaking (Pesu) general manager SSP Srivastava’s response was enough to indicate his concern for the residents’ plight. “I have also heard about this problem, you better speak to the executive engineer of that area,” he said, before disconnecting the phone call.

Executive engineer of Pataliputra power supply division K.K. Singh said: “A technical glitch in the 11KV SK Puri feeder, which supplies power to areas like Anandpuri and Gandhi Nagar, caused the blackout. Our engineers are on the field to rectify the fault.”

Nitin Kumar, a resident of Gandhi Nagar, said: “All our family members are sitting idle since morning. No television, no water. The state government will have to pay a heavy price for this in the election. If the state government cannot provide uninterrupted power supply to the urban areas, what would happen to the rural areas? After lunch I love to take a nap but even that is not possible in this weather. We had thought of going outside but the power cut has spoilt that too.”

Richi Kumari, another resident of Gandhi Nagar, could not cook breakfast on her induction cooker. She had to order lunch from a restaurant.

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