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Friday , April 11 , 2014

Life at stake

The armed uprising led by the Mizo National Front in the 1960s, triggered by a famine linked to the 50-year cyclic flowering of bamboo, has long been gone. Mizoram has been labelled an island of peace — even earning a financial bonus from the Centre for the feat — and prospered. ...   | Read..

Family backs ‘non-family’ Modi

Narendra Modi’s elder brother today appealed to people “with folded hands” not to “rake up” the issue of Modi’s marriage but the Congr...   | Read..

Decade decoder

Pradeep Kumar Sharma is the headman of Yadavpur village in Dhanbad...   | Read..

Battle from bed for ‘polite’ son

Politicians have fought elections from behind bars. Deepender Singh Hooda, perhaps, is the first to contest from bed....   | Read..

AAP on gay law

The Aam Aadmi Party today released its Mumbai-centric manifesto titled “AAP ki Mumbai”, which seeks to decriminalise homosexuality....   | Read..

52% turnout in Bastar amid firing

The loneliness on the road from Jagdalpur to Dantewada said it all....   | Read..

Target Modi, teachers cast strategic votes

The Narendra Modi-centric discourse appears to have caused such a churn that some academics have responded with strategic voting....   | Read..
Shah Jahan Begum, her son and husband (back to the camera) at AIIMS on Monday. Picture by Yasir Iqbal
Life at stake

FB, Twitter buzz beats apathy

At 42, Sreyas Yadav is twice as old as Sandeep Mehraulia. But both came of age today: they cast...   | Read..

A high-risk, low-reward plank that touches all

In the four weeks since her 12-year-old son was diagnosed with blood cancer, Shah Jahan Begum has on...   | Read..

Priyanka’s ‘bilkul nahin’ creates a flutter but real wave is unleashed by Robert’s pink revolution at the booth

Many Congress leaders were today wondering not how many seats the party would win in Delhi but whether “Bilkul ...   | Read..

Religion in poll worries Church

Religious symbolism is up a few notches this election campaign in Mizoram following the birth of an Opposition alliance that ...   | Read..

Fury at Mulayam rape remarks

Mulayam Singh Yadav today alleged that innocent men were being sentenced to death in false rape cases and asserted that ...   | Read..

Orbiter on track

India’s Mars orbiter spacecraft launched last year has travelled more than 340 million kilometres and crossed the ...   | Read..

Jet loses touch with ground

A Jet Airways flight from London to Mumbai was reported missing for more than 30 minutes while flying over Germany, appa...   | Read..

BJP axes Jaswant son

The BJP today suspended Manvendra Singh, son of expelled leader Jaswant Singh, from the party’s primary membership and...   | Read..