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Thursday , April 10 , 2014
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Dear neta, realise the nation of our dreams
- BIT-Mesra techies want to see a corruption-free country congenial to research, entrepreneurship

If you never chase your dreams, you will never catch them. The message is from BIT-Mesra to India, a country that witnesses one of the world’s biggest democratic exercises but has little time to pursue aspirations of its people in the right earnest.

On the eve of the first round of Lok Sabha elections in Jharkhand and on the sidelines of their 24th convocation on Wednesday, young techies share with A.S.R.P. MUKESH their ambitions for the nation in the face of netagiri and hollow promises

Promote Young India Inc.

For starters, we want a young government, which will be stable and motivating. One that will not dictate terms, but grant citizens their fundamental rights. Young India is enterprising. The government that will come to power must create an ambience conducive to their projects. If it does, the biggest bane of unemployment will vanish

Jigyasa Kumar, gold medallist, electronics & communication

Root for R&D

We, as a nation, trail in the field of research and development. Unfortunately, parties and candidates do not talk of the need for rigorous R&D in their election manifestos. India is like a stagnant talent pool. It has no direction or flow. I dream of India as a developed nation

Abu Nusar Ansari, PhD awardee, engineering

Teach, don’t tax

The academic system in India is lopsided. In most developed nations, courses are research-oriented, but here we swear by traditional means of teaching. No wonder we grapple with brain drain. The government must devise ways to make education engrossing. Let children learn and research at their own pace, don’t burden them with ostentatious projects

Achitanand Mishra, PhD awardee, engineering

Stem dishonesty

I dream of India as a corruption-free, educated and enterprising nation. We, the youth, know how much it hurts and where it hurts if one of these factors go awry

Poorvi Agarwal, gold medallist, computer science

Go green, stay pink

My India must have two colours — green and pink. The first signifies a conserved natural environment and the second healthy people. Every citizen must have access to a few basic amenities — water, power, clean air and good roads. Not just a few carrot schemes, Young India wants equal opportunity

Nikhil Kumar, gold medallist, mechanical engineering

Who would be the ideal PM in your opinion?