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Thursday , April 10 , 2014
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Focus on jealousy in hospital staff murder

Hospital employee Purushottam Mishra could have fallen prey to jealousy, sources in police ranks said on Wednesday.

It has been a week since 39-year-old Purushottam Mishra was shot dead in daylight and Rs 12 lakh was looted from him.

The police are investigating the case but officers in the know-how said a few colleagues of Mishra, who did not share a good rapport with him because Mishra’s employer “favoured him over the others”, could be behind the assassination.

Mishra had been working for a long time under one of the renowned doctors of Patna, Himanshu Roy, at Srijan. It is a wing of Patrakar Nagar-based Shivam Hospital.

“We had stated earlier that there was a person, possibly a hospital employee, who could be the mastermind. That person had planned the entire incident and hired killers who could execute the plan on April 2. We are sure that a hospital insider is involved,” a police offi- cer said.

He added that jealousy could have fuelled anger and its subsequent fallout was the loot and murder.

“There’s also a possibility that more than one from the hospital were involved in the planning. Not many had a healthy relation with Mishra because of his proximity with his boss. They were jealous of him and wanted him out of the way. Mishra used to deposit the hospital’s money in the banks and he was the most trusted lieutenant of all the people who worked in the hospital,” he said.

He added that some of his colleagues wanted to take Mishra’s place.

“First the employees planned a loot so that Mishra’s reputation takes a beating and he could come under the police and his employer’s radar. Later, they could have changed the plan and decided in favour of killing him. This could be because someone eventually wanted to take his posit ion in the hospital ranks. The assassination was planned. The mastermind must have promised the contract killers a part of the Rs 12-lakh booty. Three bullets were fired, which proves that the motive was to kill and not just loot,” another officer said.

Patna senior superintendent of police Manu Maharaaj said they are working on the leads. “We have leads and are focusing on them,” he said.

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