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Biker bleeds to death, people walk by

East Singhbhum showed its inhuman face on Tuesday when two brothers — both accident victims — lay on the road bleeding for 30 minutes and no one came to their rescue.

With precious minutes wasted, the elder brother lost his battle with death.

The 26-year-old had sustained the fatal injuries when their bike was hit by a speeding pick-up van near Rukmini Temple on Tata-Jadugora Road in Potka police station area, about 15km from Jamshedpur, in the morning.

For the next half an hour, the residents of Kalikapur in Potka lay bleeding on the road before their family members arrived on the spot and rushed them to MGM Medical College and Hospital.

While Ramchandra Kaibarto — the biker — was declared brought dead, younger brother Biren Kaibarto (22) was admitted with multiple injuries in his right hand and shoulder.

Lying on the hospital bed, Biren recalled how the mishap took place.

“Around 5.30am, me and my brother were heading towards Tata Steel Works where we work for a construction firm. A pick-up van, coming from the opposite direction, suddenly deviated from its path and hit us,” Biren said.

Both the brothers fell off the bike. Ramchandra sustained serious head injuries and lost consciousness.

According to Biren, there were some people on Jadugora-Tata Road when the mishap took place.

“But most of them were in a hurry to reach their workplaces in Jamshedpur. Nobody responded to my cries for help. Somehow, I used my mobile phone and rang up at home and informed my family about the accident,” Biren said.

In the mean time, nobody bothered to help the victims. Passers-by just stared at us and walked past, Biren claimed.

The family members arrived at the spot around 6.00am and took the brother to the hospital.

According to the doctors, Ramchandra had already died due to excessive bleeding. He had suffered injuries in the head, chest and lower abdomen.

Potka officer-in-charge Shailendra Kumar confirmed that a fatal mishap had occurred on Tata-Jadugora Road, but claimed they came to know about it only after the victims were taken away to Jamshedpur for treatment.

“The mishap took place at about 5.30am and we were informed around 6.30 am. A police party rushed to the accident site, but no one was spotted there,” said the officer-in-charge.

Kumar said the four-wheeler that caused the mishap fled and the police had no idea exactly what kind of vehicle it was.

“We will take a statement from the injured person and register a case against the unidentified driver,” said Kumar.