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Sunday , April 6 , 2014
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Insider hand whiff in murder

Patna, April 5: Investigations into the murder of Purushottam Mishra on Wednesday point to a person known to the victim and a motive to finish him off at any cost.

In a talk with The Telegraph today, a police officer said with the probe gaining momentum, it was clear that someone known to Mishra was involved in the crime.

“We cannot divulge much about the investigation. However, the police have come to know that the plan was to loot the money and kill him. He was not going to be spared under any condition. In majority of cases, criminals planning a robbery do not harm the victim if he/she does not resist. In some incidents, criminals point a gun at the victim or even hit the victim with the pistol butt. Under normal circumstances, people do not resist much fearing for their lives. This is a rare case. The police, during its probe, have come to know that Mishra did not put up much resistance but he was still shot. This proves the criminals had two motives — to loot the money and then kill him,” the officer said.

Mishra had been shot twice. One bullet hit him in the stomach and the other in the rib cage.

The officer said: “It takes less than a second to fire two bullets if the gun is in good condition but the crime scene plays an important factor. The incident took place in a busy area and there was always a chance of the criminals getting caught. Hence, every second counted. However, the gang stuck to the plan and made sure that Mishra was dead. Also two men ran in separate directions hints that they were following a well-laid out plan and knew what they were doing.”

Sources said the criminals planned the murder so that Mishra couldn’t turn into a witness. “Earlier, the police had talked of an insider’s involvement who could be an employee of the hospital in which Mishra worked. He could also be the planner of the crime. Mishra, for sure, knew this man. It might be that Mishra had doubted the person and the latter made it a point to get him killed to avoid identification later. The police are working on all aspects and new leads could come to the fore anytime. One thing is certain that the case would be solved soon,” another officer said.

On Wednesday, two armed men had shot the 38-year-old and fled with Rs 12 lakh he was carrying to a bank. The incident occurred around 12.30pm, right in front of the gate of the Bank of Baroda branch near Munna Chowk area under the jurisdiction of the Patrakar Nagar police station. The deceased worked at Shivam Hospital’s Srijan wing, around 1km from the spot.

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