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Friday , April 4 , 2014
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Bliss of forgiveness

She was my confidante, she was my best friend, my trust was she. My belief were hers.

Who never told me I was her best friend but was there for me, with me whenever I was in need.

Who understood all my troubles.

But suddenly went away because they told her I wasn’t right. And they told me she was mean and thus fell apart our friendship.

Heartbroken was I. How could she do this? Some said she floated

rumours and said I was mean.

This infuriated me and I

proclaimed she didn’t exist for me,

And she never came back to me.

Days passed, years went by.

Finally, we did come face-to-face

It was a common friend’s party.

The evening gave way to night.

The music grew louder,

More people started coming in,

And then came the moment.

I saw her walk towards me, my eyes lit up, tears rolled down, I said let bygones be bygones. Now we’re best friends again ‘coz breathing is not living, loving is.

Anushna Jha
Class XII Arts,
Notre Dame Academy