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Friday , April 4 , 2014
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Mumbai heist mirrors Tanishq robbery
- ‘Smart’ women replay blink-&-miss jewellery shop loot in Borivali on festival day

A robbery in Mumbai’s suburb of Borivali bearing an uncanny similarity to one in the city last year could force the Maharashtra cops to get in touch with their Patna counterparts.

A heist was pulled off with exactitude on February 8, 2013 by a group of five “Mongoloid-looking women”, all in western outfit at the Tanishq showroom on Fraser Road. Posing as customers, they got the salesmen busy and one among the five picked up a set of eight bangles worth Rs 8 lakh and eased out of the showroom. The entire act was completed in seven minutes.

On March 31, in Mumbai’s Borivali, again five “Mongoloid-looking women”, dressed in western outfit entered the showroom of Kalyan Jewellers, got the salesmen busy posing as customers and decamped with a set of six bangles worth Rs 13 lakh. This time, they operated even faster — in just four minutes.

The closed-circuit television cameras in the two shops separated by 1,700km captured images of the women. While the city police are still clueless about the thieves, the Mumbai police have just started investigation into the case.

V. Mestry, the assistant commissioner of police (ACP), Borivali division, said they had the CCTV footage of the crime. When asked if some of the women were wearing hats and looked Mongoloid, the officer said: “Yes, the CCTV footage shows they were sporting hats and looked like they hail from southeast Asian countries. What surprised me is that they took just four minutes to pull it off. Since it was Gudi Padwa, the shop was packed with customers. They took advantage of it.”

Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of new year in Maharashtra.

He added: “It is strange that the incidents in Patna and in Borivali are so similar. The cases might have some link,” the officer told The Telegraph.

Police sources said the Mumbai police would soon contact Patna officers because of the similarity.

“It seems that it is a gang of five women. They could be foreign nationals or from Northeast. They move around in different cities of the country and target jewellery stores. We don’t have much information about them. The CCTV footage is being scanned and we would soon get in touch with the Patna police if necessary,” another officer in Mumbai said.

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