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Friday , April 4 , 2014
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Throat slit in deep slumber
- Back-to-back murders in poll season baffle police

A shopowner was killed in Patna on Thursday, merely 24 hours after a hospital employee was gunned down and money looted from him.

Tinku Kumar, 28, who owned a shop selling cremation-related items at Bans Ghat in Buddha Colony, was found dead in his shop in the morning. The police said his throat was slit with a sharp object while he was asleep.

His family lodged a named FIR against one Vijay in connection with the case.

“Tinku was unmarried and stayed with his family. His father Murari Singh is a driver. What is surprising is that four family members, including Tinku, were asleep in the shop and yet nobody saw anybody enter the shop. The family had also taken a house on rent, where Tinku’s mother and some other family members were asleep. The house is around 50m from the shop,” an officer with the Buddha Colony police station said.

“Those who were sleeping with Tinku said they felt something wet and woke up to find that it was blood. No one even heard Tinku scream. He must have been attacked in the wee hours. A named FIR has been lodged. Raids have been conducted to arrest Vijay,” added the officer.

The police did not notice evidence of a break-in but were unwilling to comment further.

On Wednesday, two armed men shot a 38-year-old man dead and fled with Rs 12 lakh he was carrying to a bank on a busy street. The incident occurred right in front of the gate of the Bank of Baroda branch near Munna Chowk area under the jurisdiction of the Patrakar Nagar police station.

The deceased, 39-year-old Purushottam Mishra, worked at Shivam Hospital’s Srijan wing, around 1km from the spot.

On Thursday when The Telegraph enquired about the killing, the police had not much to boast about.

Patna senior superintendent of police Manu Maharaaj, however, said the murder was “unusual”.

“This is an opposite situation. In normal cases, a person coming out of a bank with the money is looted or assaulted. In this case, the person was going inside the bank. This shows that it was a very well-planned crime. The criminals knew that Mishra had money with him. Five persons have been detained in this connection and investigations are on. We are sure that the case will be cracked soon. With the man going to the bank with so much cash, his employers should have informed the police because this is election time,” the senior officer said.

Sources said there was a strong suspicion some employees at the hospital might be involved in the crime.

“There could be one or more members of the hospital involved. There are many loose ends right now. We are reconstructing the entire incident so that it could help get some clues,” another police officer said.

Two bullets hit Mishra, one in the stomach and another in the rib cage after which the criminals fled in different directions, one of them carrying the bag of money with him.

The men were on foot and ran in different directions to reduce chances of them getting caught. In all likelihood more associates of theirs were waiting to pick them up from a specific location on bikes or a car.

Sources have told the police that a four-wheeler was waiting for the murderers but the police cannot confirm this until investigations are over.

Mishra was from Muzaffarpur district and used to live in Kumhar Toli area of Patna under the jurisdiction of Kankerbagh police station.