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Thursday , April 3 , 2014

Their Zayn Our Zayn

WHO’S THAT GUY?...   | Read..

The teen patti trio decode the film

The Teen Patti trio— Ushasie, Indraneil Sengupta and Puja — cracked jokes and laughed a lot over s...   | Read..

How I Met Your Mother

Like Barney Stinson says, “Bros before Hoes!” Countless PDFs of The Bro Code have been downloaded and tau...   | Read..

BP PODDAR INSTITUTE organised Elixir’14 in association with t2

BP Poddar Institute of Management & Technology held its annual cultural festival recently, with events being held on the ...   | Read..

Trap music

It’s no secret that EDM is dominating the music scene as far as the youth is concerned and we have some insane sou...   | Read..


The Creative Arts presents Waiting in the Wings...   | Read..

Keep-fit Koel

‘Eat right, indulge sometimes’ — Koel mallick shares her workout and diet secrets with t2...   | Read..

2 to tango

When one hit the high note the audience went quiet, listening with rapt attention. When the other drummed up a beat, they ...   | Read..

Look, Calcutta is on the Happy Map!

Pharrell Happy Williams has spurred young people in Calcutta to make their own version ...   | Read..

Style twist

Neha Dhupia worked around ...   | Read..

The day of Brazilian Samba at Cadbury Mishti Shera Shrishti

Tota Roy Choudhury dropped in at three sweet shops in Santosh Mitra Square, Maniktala and Barasat to campaign for the Brazili...   | Read..

Celebrity chef David Rocco says ‘Dolce India’

After living and cooking it up in Dolce Vita, Italian chef David Rocco looks east, journeying to India where he learns...   | Read..

Paris Cafe turns a year old

Paris Cafe, that quaint little cafe opposite Modern High School which transports you to Paris, completes a year. A t2 ...   | Read..

Meet Madhumita Mohanta, the only lady executive chef at a star hotel in town

She still loves Shiraz biryani. She still loves the feel of New Market. And she still loves buying fish fresh from the local ...   | Read..

The sex and the city tour

The Plaza Hotel ...   | Read..

Rendezvous with the Merlion

Flying in and out of the busy but cramped Kuala Lumpur International Airport last week, the predominant thought on the minds ...   | Read..
Their Zayn Our Zayn