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Thursday , April 3 , 2014
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Eye donation hits new turf

No false promises, no tall claims. In this season of campaigns, this one may actually help a few lead a better life with a clearer vision.

Roshni, a member organisation of Eye Bank Association of India and a Jamshedpur outfit that promotes eye donation and transplantation, will take their awareness campaign to a different level altogether.

Moving beyond organising street corners and taking out rallies, Roshni will target schools, colleges, residential complexes and societies where they will spread the message of eye donation.

The initiative began on Tuesday when Roshni member met the residents of Sakchi-based Swarnarekha flats to generate awareness and clarified many myths regarding eye donation. They will also campaign at Gyandeep Vidyalaya in Baridih on Thursday.

“We are trying to bridge the gap through our campaigns. We realised that eye donation is as much a family’s decision as it is an individual’s choice. So, we thought that why not take our campaigns to residential complexes where families would attend these sessions together, form an opinion and share it among themselves,” said Rajnish Kumar, member of Roshni and Eye Bank Association of India. He added that they would also target schools and colleges.

Besides, the outfit has also joined hands with Jharkhand Human Rights Conference (JHRC) to broaden their reach. Presently, JHRC is conducting voter awareness and Right to Information (RTI) campaigns across the city. During the campaigns, JHRC members are also speaking a few good words about eye donation.

Members of Roshni are also in talks with various religious organisations. They have already spoken to Loyola College of Education, a Jesuit B.Ed college, and the cradle has agreed to host a camp on Thursday.

“We are also discussing various options with Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee and other temples trusts. With the help of religious leaders we are hopeful to convince people to donate their eyes without prejudices and superstitions. I think this initiative will yield good results,” said Roshni’s assistant secretary Parvinder Kapoor.

Campaigning may fetch Roshni more donors, but it is equally important to retain the ones who have already pledged their eyes.

Keeping this in mind, Roshni members will soon ring up the 3,000-plus residents who have pledged their eyes to ensure that they remember their pledge and are still interested. The callers will also ask them to inform their family members so that at the time of receiving the corneas, there is no confusion.