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Thursday , April 3 , 2014

Six killed in quake off northern Chile

A magnitude 8.2 earthquake struck off the coast of northern Chile last night, setting off a tsunami and forcing a huge evacuation along the country’s long coastline. At least six persons were reported to have died....   | Read..

Twitter ban ‘violated Turk rights’

Turkey’s block on access to Twitter violated freedom of expression and individual rights, the constitutional court said today, the most significant legal challenge yet ...   | Read..

Paintings stolen in UK found in Sicily

A painting by French post-Impressionist Paul Gauguin that was stolen in Britain in 1970 has turned up hanging in the kitchen of a retired factory worker in Sicily, Italian po...   | Read..

Police focus on pilots, crew

Malaysian police have ruled out involvement of any passengers in the disappearance of a missing jetliner, while Australian officials warned bad weather and a lack of reliable...   | Read..

Lufthansa cancels 900 flights as strike starts

Advance planning by Lufthansa, one of Europe’s busiest airlines, seemed to be paying off today at the beginning of a three-day strike by pilots, despite the cancell...   | Read..
Elderly Chileans are evacuated from a shelter in Antofagasta on Wednesday after the earthquake. (Reuters)
Six killed in quake off northern Chile
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Pollution, dust sparks UK smog alert

A combination of air pollution and dust from the Sahara today prompted British authorities to i...   | Read..

New geological clock puts an age on Moon

Scientists have used a new geological clock to assign an age to the Moon that astronomers belie...   | Read..