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Saturday , March 29 , 2014

Pret perfect

When the opening show of a fashion week happens to be a Tarun Tahiliani show, the buzz is that much ...   | Read..


Anyone who buys into Scandi-cool ĖĖ the current obsession with Scandinavian interiors, Nordic cuisine and Nordic noir in fict...   | Read..


Savoir-faire celebrated five years over a long, lazy glam lunch. only t2 was there...   | Read..


The treadmill has gained some notoriety over the years and is being shunned in many fitness facilities. Users have complained...   | Read..


Dilligate, the newest restaurant to open on the Park Circus connector, is a welcome addition to the area that has a mix of re...   | Read..


“I like mirrors. I am obsessed with them! I don’t know why. It’s very strange.... For me, it’s an art...   | Read..


Candy crush to instagram ó hereís what tvís tech-savvy stars are hooked to ...   | Read..


You either donít have the time or the inclination to spend hours mulling...   | Read..


Geeta Kapoor, better known to television audiences as Geeta Ma, is back in the judge’s seat for the third season...   | Read..


Jamie Dornan is slighter in the flesh than I expected, and he’s got a mullet. We are on the set of New Worlds, C...   | Read..

Apur Panchali

She is nervous and underconfident. He is suave and confident. Parno Mittra and Parambrata Chattopadhyay tell t2 about ...   | Read..


Wake up with the alarm on your expensive smartphone, tuned to your favourite song. Hit snooze a few times before strolling t...   | Read..
CURRY CLUB: On Wednesday, Usha Uthup sampled some of the curries being served up at the Curry Festival @ Soho. On from April 1, noon to midnight, ...  | Read