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Saturday , March 29 , 2014

Soldiers of fortune

The wonder is not that the Bharatiya Janata Party anointed Pramod Muthalik for the Lok Sabha, but that it was in such a hurry to excommunicate him with bell, book and candle. Whatever their internal equations, the Sri Ram Sene leader (like the Bajrang Dal’s Dara Singh or the Hooghly-born ...   | Read..
Image and beyond
I never cared much for Suchitra Sen. I found her acting stilted and her mannerisms irritating...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Wrong choice
Sir — A number of filmstars have been given tickets to fight the ensuing Lok Sabha polls (“Sun shie ...  | Read.. 
Bitter lesson
Sir — The decline in the quality of school teachers across India is a cause of concern (“Cannot thi ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir — The forest fire in the Tirumala hills has been in the news for a while (“Tirumala forest fire ...  | Read.. 
Letters from Bihar
Old problem
Sir — L.K. Advani appears to have failed to come to terms with the rise of a new generation of ...  | Read.. 
Acid test
Sir — The Bihar government appears to have learnt little when it comes to keeping women safe from a ...  | Read.. 
Letters from Odisha
Good moves
Sir — The elections this time will see a lot of filmstars contesting from various regions in the ...  | Read.. 


“The industry does not like uncertainty,” an air-safety veteran has declared, “We will find out what happened.” But uncertain...   | Read..
The death of progress
Three cheers for Emami — one for their current Cultural Fiesta, and two in advance in the hope that they step into the vacuum created by the withdrawal of major sponsors from ...  | Read.. 
Freedom and restraint
It is never good to compare theatre productions by college students and those by professional troupes because the primary aim of the former is to expose students to the magic ...  | Read.. 
Charting an uncommon course
Lalit Mohan Sen is a forgotten artist today in spite of his success during his lifetime. The Victoria Memorial Hall had recently held an exhibition of his works in diverse ...  | Read.. 
The most spiritual human beings, assuming they are the most courageous, also experience by far the most painful tragedies: but it is precisely for this reason that they honor life, because it brings against them its most formidable weapons. — FRIEDRICH NIETZSCHE