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Saturday , March 29 , 2014
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Park at crossing, cough up fine

Come April 1, traffic monitors will be nobody’s fool as far as reining in parking rogues on Ranchi’s congested roads is concerned. Here’s why and how you should mind your vehicles more strictly than ever

Penalty kick

Parking or stopping vehicles within 50 metres of traffic intersections is being banned under Section 179-2A of the Motor Vehicles Act (1988). Violation will invite a fine of Rs 450


Traffic SP Rajeev Ranjan said the stringent measure was being adopted to let busy crossings, which often choke on haphazard parking, breathe easy

“Today, we have started publicising the new rule through the media. From April 1, we will implement it,” he said, also urging commuters not to board a bus or an auto-rickshaw from non-designated stops

The catch

The traffic department’s ambitious drive may come a cropper for two reasons. First, there aren’t many dedicated auto-rickshaw stands or private parking areas in Ranchi. Second, most bus halts are run-down and often littered with garbage

Blame game

While the RMC blames local hoodlums for ruining bus bays and halts, the traffic department rues that neither the civic guardian nor the road construction department has taken sustained efforts to make the city commuter-friendly.

“The onus is on the RMC that has been asked to upgrade existing bus stops and create new ones,” said traffic DSP Rajendra Choudhary.