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Friday , March 28 , 2014

Music-making shells

Its not without reason that “shader lau...” is the most popular folk song in parts of rural Bengal, including Howrah. “Lau” or bottle gourd, as the folk song goes, turns a man into a vagrant as he eats its base a...  | Read.. 
Six less than a century
Amidst the green cover, clear ponds and blue sky of Deulpur in Panchla, thrives a library that is just six less of a century ...  | Read.. 
Learning about cervical cancer
Cancer, the deadly word that sends a chill down one’s spine, is still an unknown phenomenon for common people. Women, p ...  | Read.. 
Riyaaz his mantra for success
On the morning after his wedding day, Nabendu Bhatta-charya woke up early in the morning and sat with his tanpura doin ...  | Read.. 
A spring affair
It’s spring, and Sarat Sadan is still a busy mela ground through the last week of March. A handicraft, handloom ...  | Read.. 
Howrah Road yet to be repaired
While the Howrah Municipal Corporation (HMC) has embarked on road repairing in Howrah on a war footing, it has yet to finish ...  | Read.. 
Tarit Singh, a farmer in Poshpur, Hooghly, tends to his crop of bottle gourds. Pictures by Anup Bhattacharya