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My Take

So here I am, I fear I am, so near I am, and close to tears I am. I wandered in the forests, dauntless near the trees, and once in a while,

I loved to roar.

And with my kids and other brood,

I went on hunting everyday,

Unaware of other hunters,

Watching for us at bay.

That day I do remember, my cub and I, the sound of the bullets of their guns, making all birds fly.

He looked at him, with greed in his eyes, as if my cub was prize.

Laughed aloud and said, “Ah! This young one will fetch me fame.”

And oh! The bullet went through him, and they packed him in a sack, the human hunter laughed again, and took my little one back.

And so I live in my cave,

Without food for several days,

‘coz I don’t want my other cubs

To fall prey to humans’ cruel ways.

And all my relatives in the pride,

Have been carried far away,

And I am here knowing that,

This has to happen to me one day.

Deeksha Saraswat

Class XII (science) A

DAV Public School, BSEB