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Thursday , March 27 , 2014
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Barb makes Arvind a big shot

Srinagar, March 26: Mikhail Kalashnikov, who invented the AK-47, died last December or Narendra Modi could have sent him a thank you note today for gifting him a weapon to fire at his adversaries.

“Today Pakistan has got three Sepah-e-Salar (generals). They have high stature in Pakistan. They are Pakistani agents and enemy of India. They are speaking Pakistani language,” the BJP leader said. “They have become the unique strength of Pakistan.”

“Pakistan has been bleeding India by AK-47. Now there is AK Antony, our defence minister. He gives a statement in Parliament that those militants who beheaded Indian jawans were dressed in Pakistani uniforms when the army had said they were Pakistanis,” he told a rally in Kathua district of Jammu.

“The third is AK-49 (a reference to Arvind Kejriwal whose government in Delhi lasted 49 days). He has given birth to a party recently. On the map on their party website, they have given Kashmir to Pakistan. AK-49’s close lieutenant (Prashant Bhushan) is seeking referendum and Pakistan is dancing with joy.”

Modi’s diatribe against Kejriwal came a day after the Aam Aadmi Party leader announced he would contest against the BJP’s prime ministerial candidate from Varanasi.

The initials “AK” and the label “Pakistani agent” are a part of the everyday lexicon in Jammu and Kashmir, and something that many people here would like to have lived without. The AK-47, whose Russian inventor was haunted by the pain of the millions of deaths caused by the rifle, is the most-favoured weapon of militants in the state.

Kejriwal reacted with disdain, saying such comments do not suit a prime ministerial candidate. He had a piece of advice for Modi: “Talk on issues and not get into badmouthing.”

At the rally, Modi said the late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri had given the country the slogan “Jai Jawan, Jai Kisan” but that the Congress had now changed it to “Mar Jawan, Mar Kisan” with policies that were “killing” both soldiers and farmers.

Modi said the Congress was raising a secularism bogey to mislead people. “We have to get rid of this dynastic and family politics in India and Jammu and Kashmir,” he further said.

Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah hit back, asking Modi to end dynastic politics in his own party and allies before lecturing others. “Let him start with Yashwant Sinha’s son and a whole lot of others,” Omar said.

Modi got a shot in the arm as Farooq Khan, a former IPS officer who founded the counter-insurgency Special Operation Group of Police in the 1990s, joined the BJP at the rally.