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Wednesday , March 26 , 2014
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Saddle up & gallop for more cowboy fun

- Steel city riding school gets three horses from Calcutta to boost training

Get your breeches ready and leather boots out.

For, three horses — aged between five and seven — have arrived from Calcutta at the riding school in posh Circuit House Area in Jamshedpur on Monday.

Past their prime, the male horses were hitherto used for races by Royal Calcutta Turf Club but now will be utilised for giving riding lessons at the steel city cradle.

Tata Steel Adventure Foundation (TSAF) that runs the training academy was looking for horses for the past several months. “We had just three horses at our disposal, which was affecting our daily activities at the school. Our search for more horses finally ended at Calcutta Race Course. Tata zoo vet Manik Palit and riding school instructor Kartik Kumar went to Calcutta and brought the horses,” TSAF secretary P.P. Kapadia told The Telegraph.

The riding school has over 100 members. Training lessons are imparted every morning as well as evening.

“The members were demanding extra horses for a long time. Half of them had even stopped attending the sessions. We can now finally heave a sigh of relief and hope that they will come back,” Kapadia added.

According to instructor Kumar, it was difficult to conduct training with just three horses. “In recent times, we were forced to conduct training with only two horses — Moti and Basanti — as Heera was nursing injuries sustained in a fall a month back. So members started showing little interest in coming here,” Kumar added.

Kapadia said they would soon name the new inmates.

“To start with, the horses will be used for riding, which is easy to conduct. In due course of time, they will be introduced to showjumping and other skills,” he added.

The facility, which was earlier reserved for officers of Tata Steel and owned by Tata Steel Officers’ Beach Club, was thrown open to the public after the TSAF took over the reins in 2009.

Trainees are currently charged Rs 1,500 for one-time registration and Rs 750 as monthly fees. Children of Tata employees have to pay much less — Rs 250 for registration and Rs 200 as fees.