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Wednesday , March 26 , 2014
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Tick! One done, off to another

- To-do list in hands, criminals go about jobs in planned manner

To do: Track businessman’s movements, kill him.Rob a bank.Flee.Surface in a few months

Residents out to shop groceries are not the only ones with to-do lists these days, criminals are planning their attacks to the last detail much to the surprise of police.

The arrest of two alleged contract killers from Patna on Monday has brought the police face-to-face with a section of criminals who have such lists and then work according to it.

Imran Khan and Mohammed Arshad, alias Bunty, were arrested from the Ishopur area of Phulwarisharif. During interrogation, the police came to know that they had chalked out an elaborate routine, across states and “cases”.

“Usually, the police come across criminals who live by a day. Small-time criminals mainly act randomly — they snatch ornaments, rob stores whenever they get a chance. They do plan, but don’t have a fixed routine and mostly act on chance. Even the hardcore criminals such as contract killers generally don’t plan and give shape to one incident at a time,” a police officer told The Telegraph.

“The police came across a something new on Monday though. The duo, along with a few others, had first planned to murder Dheeraj Yadav, a businessman in Danapur involved in land deals. After that job was done, the next thing for them to do would have been to go to Hazaribagh in Jharkhand and rob the main branch of State Bank of India. These men have links with some dreaded criminals lodged in the Bhojpur district prison. They claimed that they would have got Rs 5 crore if they succeeded in the two jobs. Next up were some more plans, which the police are verifying. The details cannot be disclosed right now,” the officer added.

Such a trend had surfaced for a while in the city last year.

“The police, last year, came across a gang which would draw up a list of people they planned to kill. It was like a routine for them. Fortunately, the killers couldn’t give shape to any of the crimes and were arrested in time. The gang had five to six persons on the list and also timeframes for each of the targets. The police had found it very unusual,” another police officer said.

Sources said this phenomenon was found popular with those involved in much bigger crimes.

“Small-time criminals generally execute one plan and then flee for a few months. Recently, the police had caught two men involved in several snatchings. They never had any fixed target but would move around the city on bikes and snatch jewellery or bags whenever they got a chance. Their plan was to give shape to several such incidents in a flash and then disappear. It seems generally, criminals involved in murders follow a plan. It is quite possible that they get contracts to kill more than one person at a time. Once they pick up the contracts, they fix a routine and then work according to it. This trend is being investigated and the police hope more details would be unearthed soon,” the officer said.