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Wednesday , March 26 , 2014
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Expelled students cry rules flout

First-year MBA students of Patna University got partial relief on Tuesday even as they claim rules were violated in their expulsion and awarding zero to the entire batch.

University registrar Balram Tiwari said: “The students have been expelled only for the first semester. They would be allowed to take the first semester papers along with the third semester ones.”

However, students were not in agreement with the new directive. Varsha Rani, an MBA student, said: “How can we sit for 12 papers, which include six of first semester and six of the third?”

On Monday, the MBA students staged a protest against the expulsion demanding fresh examination of the second paper in which they were awarded zero for allegedly indulging in mass cheating.

Patna University Students Association president Ashish Sinha on Tuesday met vice-chancellor Y.C. Simhadri and urged the university administration to change their decision. However, the agitating students failed to meet Simhadri.

The students claimed that they are doubly victimised. First, the examination was held with incomplete syllabus and second, the expulsion was not correct as nothing objectionable was found from their possession.

Smiriti Singh, a first-year MBA student, who too was expelled along with 17 others, including 12 girls, said: “Patna College principal N.K. Chaudhary expelled us but we were neither warned nor any chit was recovered from our possession. As many questions in the second paper were out of syllabus, we were discussing some issues but the centre superintendent (Chaudhary) without giving us prior warning wrote ‘E’, meaning expulsion, in our papers.”

Smiriti added that they came to know about expulsion from newspapers next day.

According to university sources, if a student is barred from taking exams, the centre superintendent should attach the recovered chit along with answer sheet, sign both the answer sheet and chit and should inform both the police as well as examination centre magistrate. The student has to file a bail bond of Rs 2,000 if expelled but in this case, no such norms were followed.

Chaudhary, however, said: “Appropriate action was taken on the basis of evidence. The university examination board also endorsed the decision.”