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Wednesday , March 26 , 2014
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Women rise in crime world

Women are breaking ground in crime and police are having a hard time bringing them to book.

Over the past couple of years, police officers in Patna have been grappling with cases perpetrated by women. In several of them, the women do not have criminal antecedents, making the job difficult for the police.

The silver lining in the recent past has been the arrest of Sangita, who allegedly tried to steal an infant from the maternity ward of Patna Medical College and Hospital last week.

Officers although rue that arresting such criminals is not the end of the ordeal.

An officer told The Telegraph: “First, these women are hard to catch. Even if they are arrested, the interrogation is also tricky. Recently, the police had to send two alleged baby stealers to jail immediately after the arrest, as they complained of dizziness. The police couldn’t interrogate them immediately. Now, Sangita would be taken in remand and interrogation would follow.”

The list of women evading arrest and giving the police a headache is although a long one.

One of such perpetrators is Anamika, who along with her husband, planned the abduction of the son of Patna-based businessman Mohan Kumar Khandelwal in February. The couple are still out of the police’s reach since the crime that was solved in around 13.5 hours and took Patna police to Ara.

Anamika used to work as a receptionist in Khandelwal’s hotel for almost two months. Later, she recommended her husband Girish’s appointment as the family’s driver.

“Anamika first entered the Khandelwal family as an employee and then got her husband in too. Now, both are absconding. Girish had kidnapped the boy and the couple worked according to a well-laid plan. It was fortunate that the police were able to recover the boy, the officer added.

Psychiatrists opine it’s all in the mind of the criminal — notwithstanding if it’s a man or a woman.

Arun Kumar, a psychiatrist, said: “Be it male or female, a criminal is always a criminal. Women can be smarter criminals, as most often they have a clean image (without any criminal record) and the capability to influence people. They can be more stubborn and hard-headed too. Problems increase for law enforcement agencies when these women do not have a criminal background.”

Such cases are aplenty in the city.

On April 16 last year, police caught 22-year-old Anshu Kumari, a former employee of the Dominos Pizza outlet on Exhibition Road. Shown the door, Anshu returned to the outlet with a vengeance and pulled off a robbery.

“It was a very shocking incident. She, along with her boyfriend, entered the outlet with firearms and overpowered five persons before decamping with Rs 2.7 lakh. It was unbelievable for the police,” an officer said.