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Sunday , March 23 , 2014

China spots object in south Indian Ocean

A Chinese satellite has spotted an object in the southern Indian Ocean in an area that is the focus of a multinational effort to find a Malaysia Airlines airliner that disappeared on March 8, the Chinese authorities said today....   | Read..

Search for missing jet tougher than Titanic hunt

The search for the missing Malaysia Airlines aircraft may be even more challenging than the hunts for an Air France plane that crashed into the Atlantic near the Equator five...   | Read..

Michelle speaks out for free speech in China

On a visit that was supposed to be non-political, Michelle Obama delivered an unmistakable message to the Chinese today, saying in a speech here that freedom of speech, p...   | Read..

Russia forces in Crimea raid

Russian troops forced their way into a Ukrainian airbase in Crimea with armoured vehicles, automatic fire and stun grenades today, injuring a Ukrainian serviceman and detaini...   | Read..
China spots object in south Indian Ocean
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