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Saturday , March 22 , 2014
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Leave Dhoni alone: Kapil

Kapil Dev

Dhaka: Kapil Dev, former India captain and coach, has called on “people” to leave Mahendra Singh Dhoni alone.

“This is a critical time not just for Dhoni, but Indian cricket. So, people should leave him alone... Allow him to do his job, which is captaining India,” Kapil told The Telegraph on Friday morning.

During a brief interaction at the Pan Pacific Sonargaon, Kapil added: “The country must come first, though some people in the media and elsewhere may hold a different view...

“Dhoni’s the type who keeps things to himself, doesn’t talk much, doesn’t release whatever is bottled up inside him. It could, therefore, get tough for people like him.”

Without commenting on Dhoni’s decision to move court (against two media organisations and an IPS officer who is suspended) after landing here, Kapil said: “Even if Dhoni doesn’t read the newspapers and doesn’t listen to the news, there are ways for news to travel to him...

“Somebody from the family may pass on the (negative) news or it could be somebody else with access to Dhoni. He’s bound to have been affected over the past few weeks. A Mahatma Gandhi would get affected, too.”

Asked if he had a message for Dhoni, Kapil replied: “Ignore what is doing the rounds... As the India captain, you have a huge responsibility.”

Dhoni wouldn’t mind such advice.