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Saturday , March 22 , 2014
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Driver held for son murder

- Fugitive employed without licence

A man wanted in Bihar for allegedly murdering his son almost a year and a half ago has been traced to Calcutta, working as an unlicensed driver all this while.

Shiv Shankar Yadav, 58, might have continued to drive a vehicle in this city without a cop ever asking for his papers had he not gotten into trouble on Holi after allegedly one drink too many.

He was arrested on Monday on the basis of a complaint about his alleged drunken behaviour and an attempted assault on his younger brother’s wife in Bhowanipore. At Kalighat police station, the unlicensed driver spilled a worse secret than the reason for which he had been brought in.

“We had taken him into custody on the charge of rioting. When we asked him why he had assaulted his relatives, he possibly thought we were asking about his son and confessed to killing him one-and-a-half years back,” an officer said.

A call to Bahera police station in Darbhanga, Bihar, confirmed that Shiv Shankar had been absconding since a murder case was registered against him there on December 27, 2012. According to the case diary, he had been charged with stabbing his son Vijay to death and then attempting to murder his wife Dayalakshmi.

Based on information conveyed by Bihar police, Shiv Shankar’s family members arrived in Calcutta by train on Thursday. Wife Dayalakshmi, who had lodged the complaint against her husband in 2012, identified him.

Dayalakshmi said her husband killed their son Vijay, who was in his mid-20s, because he had confronted him over his regular drinking and abusive nature. “He had been drinking even that day and became so furious that he stabbed our son with a kitchen knife,” she recalled.

Shiv Shankar allegedly attacked his wife and daughter-in-law when they tried to intervene.

“He stabbed me in the belly and slashed our daughter-in-law’s neck and shoulders. Vijay bled to death on the way to hospital,” said Dayalakshmi, who is staying with her brother-in-law Subhas’s family in their Turf Road shanty.

It is the same place where Shiv Shankar had got into a brawl last Monday. The driver allegedly turned up at his brother’s home inebriated and began abusing his relatives. He allegedly also assaulted his sister-in-law, prompting some neighbours to pin him down and hand him over to the police.

Sibling Subhas, a taxi driver who has been living in the city for the past 18 years, said he hadn’t seen his absconding brother for nearly two years until Monday. “I knew he had come to Calcutta after the (alleged) murder but had no idea where he was staying. I didn’t try to contact him, although he did call me on two occasions.”

Shiv Shankar used to drive a taxi in Calcutta more than 25 years ago — probably without a licence — but returned to Darbhanga to take up farming. He mostly drove private cars in his second innings in the city, although he had initially identified himself as a taxi driver, the police said.

Investigators couldn’t immediately confirm if the murder accused ever possessed a driving licence. Calcutta is, of course, among the most forgiving of cities when it comes to such illegalities. Metro has been highlighting how scores of taxi and autorickshaw drivers either don’t have licences or carry forged/lapsed ones.

Murder accused Shiv Shankar, whose luck ran out after almost a year and a half of illegally driving vehicles in this city, will be taken back to Bihar for trial on Saturday. A team from Bihar police had petitioned a city court for transit remand, which was sanctioned on Friday.