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Saturday , March 22 , 2014
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Rod pierces girl’s leg

An iron rod jutting out of a concrete slab pierced the right leg of a nine-year-old girl at a Kasba school on Friday afternoon while she was playing with friends during the break for mid-day meal.

Class III student Papiya Chowdhury was hospitalised with almost 6.5cm of the rod inside her right calf and 1cm sticking out after some teachers’ efforts to pull out the object failed.

The girl screamed in pain and cried as several people took turns to try and pull out the rod. Alerted by the school authorities, the principal and vice-principal of a nursing institute nearby reached Naskarhat Primary School around 3.30pm and suggested that a mason be called.

The mason sawed the rod off the slab so that the girl could be taken to hospital.

At Ruby General Hospital, doctors operated on Papiya in the evening and removed the rod. Doctors said she has not suffered any permanent damage.

“We conducted an hour-long surgery to extract the iron rod. The girl is fine. There has been no permanent damage to the limb. Some of the tissues have been damaged but those will heal,” said Suparna Ghosh, who led the team of surgeons.

“She needs to be in hospital for a few days. There is a chance of infection because the rod had rusted.”

Officers of Kasba police station said iron rods were sticking out of a concrete slab that was dumped along with other construction materials on one side of the school’s playground. It was about 3pm when one of the rods pierced Papiya’s leg while she was running around.

Witnesses said the girl slumped and started crying as soon as the rod pierced her leg.

“I was outside my house when a friend of Papiya ran to me and recounted what had happened. I rushed to the school and found that some students and teachers were trying to pull out the rod,” said Pintu Chowdhury, Papiya’s father. “My daughter was writhing in pain. I was too scared.”

The school authorities in desperation contacted the nurses’ training institute of Ruby General Hospital, located nearby.

“The principal and vice-principal went to the school and found that everyone was trying to extract the rod. They asked them to stop doing so because the exercise could have damaged blood vessels,” said an official of Ruby General Hospital.

The girl was conscious and crying in pain when she was taken to the hospital, her family members said.

Theft cuffs

Police arrested Arun Sau, 21, from Jharkhand on Thursday on the charge of stealing Rs 6 lakh from his employer in Burrabazar. Arun, an employee at a private firm in Burrabazar, was asked to deposit Rs 6 lakh in a bank on February 12 but he allegedly fled with the money, said the police. He was arrested from a relative’s house in Sahibganj.