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Friday , March 21 , 2014
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Eunuchs rob techie in Salt Lake

A young IT professional from the US, in town on a month’s leave, was allegedly robbed by four eunuchs at knifepoint while he was having a smoke in his car near Salt Lake’s CA island on Wednesday night.

Nilanjan Ghosh, a software developer in New Jersey, said he had driven up to CA island from his in-laws’ house in Karunamoyee looking for a cigarette stall around 11pm.

The 28-year-old bought a cigarette from a store that had almost closed and lit up in the parked car.

Moments later, four eunuchs — dressed in salwar kameez — allegedly forced themselves into the car and asked Ghosh at knifepoint to drive towards Ultadanga. During the short journey, they allegedly took away Rs 3,000 from his wallet, and snatched his gold chain and gold wedding ring.

After the car reached the Hudco crossing off the EM Bypass, they got off Ghosh’s car and boarded a taxi parked by the roadside. Ghosh said he had tailed the taxi till Golaghata in Lake Town, where he lost the sight of it.

This is not the first time such an incident has happened in Salt Lake. On May 2013, a young trader had stopped his car near FD block when a woman — who later turned out to be a eunuch — asked for lift. The trader complained that the eunuch had robbed him.

The eunuch was arrested but released on bail. Cops suspect the eunuch was part of the gang that allegedly robbed Ghosh. “Eunuchs easily get bail as there are no specific cells at police stations for them,” said an officer of Bidhannagar North police station.

Ghosh said a eunuch dressed like a woman suddenly opened the front door of the car and climbed in.

As he tried to protest, three other eunuchs quickly got into the vehicle through a rear door.

He mentioned in his complaint that one of the eunuchs held a knife to his throat and the others asked him to roll up the glass windows and hand them all valuables.

The eunuch sitting in the front seat had by then snatched the wallet kept on the dashboard and taken out Rs 3,000 before asking Ghosh to drive towards Ultadanga.

“After I started the car, a eunuch from the backseat snatched my gold chain and the one in front was looking around for any other valuables. I drove past two police kiosks in Salt Lake but there were no cops inside or nearby,” said Ghosh.

“While they were getting off the car near the Hudco crossing, they tried to snatch my wedding ring. When I resisted, one of them hit my leg with a brick and snatched the ring before rushing into a taxi parked there. Another eunuch was standing near the taxi.”

Ghosh said he noted down the taxi’s registration number — WB 04C 4867 — and tailed it from a distance. He and his brother-in-law later went to Bidhannagar North police station and lodged a complaint.

The police denied Ghosh’s allegations that there were no cops in or around the kiosks.

“I can show the logbook entries of the policemen on duty at the kiosks. There are some irregularities in the statement of the youth. We are trying to locate the taxi and nab the culprits,” said a senior officer at Bidhannagar North police station.