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Friday , March 21 , 2014
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By my window when I sit,

To see the smoking train,

And listen to the pit-pat-patter

Of the merry rain.

Little beads of water, happily hitting the pane, making the garden greener and better, Washing out every stain

My little dog shakes his head

His golden fur now wet, giving my inner strength to cope, Filling my heart with hope.

The colourless pearls now on my toy, sound of clouds brings lots of joy, flowers now blossom at their best, bringing peace and eternal rest.

Collecting in a puddle in the street, touching and kissing my cold bare feet. In the dull grey sky I see, dreams of the person I want to be.

But when at night I hear that sound, I think of joys I have not found. I ponder over

yesterday and tomorrow.

It cries for things only in my dreams I could get and

reminds me of a past,

Id rather forget.

Ananya Bhatt
Class IX
Notre Dame Academy