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Sunday , March 9 , 2014

Sharpener of souls

Conversations, those that remain, are of three kinds, I used to think. ...   | Read..
Letters to the Editor
Festive beating
Sir — I live in a locality where the majority of the people are Hindus. It is disgusting to find th ...  | Read.. 
Mercy plea
Sir — The report, “Doctors oppose freebie exemption” (Feb 26), was revealing in the way it exposed ...  | Read.. 
Elwin in Shillong
Sir — The article, “A builder of bridges” (Feb 22), by Ramachandra Guha on Verrier Elwin was enligh ...  | Read.. 


A spectre now haunts Europe. These words are famous as the opening of The Communist Manifesto written by Karl Marx and...   | Read..
bullet Vanishing trick
bullet Face the heat
bullet Rude jolt
bullet All work
bullet Under cover
bullet Peace returns
Your friends are all the dullest dogs I know. They are not beautiful: they are only decorated. They are not clean: they are only shaved and starched. They are not dignified: they are only fashionably dressed. They are not educated: they are only college passmen. They are not religious: they are only pewrenters. They are not moral: they are only conventional. They are not virtuous: they are only cowardly. They are not even vicious: they are only “frail”. — GEORGE BERNARD SHAW