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GNLA justifies demands

Tura, March 3: In a fresh statement, GNLA political secretary Bikdot Marak today said, “We have our own ideology and our ideology contains explanation of facts and history, justification of demands and faith in the ultimate truth of our causes.”

The GNLA is demanding creation of a separate Garoland state and Marak justified this demand. “It is a political and social need,” he said. He claimed that anti-Garoland rallies are sponsored by the government.

The GNLA top brass said, “The government’s approach to peace talks is dark, gloomy, filthy and nasty and Mukul Sangma thinks he can perform magic. He seems to believe that nothing is meaningful unless the GNLA is reduced to statistics or equation,” added Marak.

He also asked ANVC-B chairman Rimpu Marak to throw light on the existence of the political secretary of ANVC-B, Ajaju Marak, whom the outfit has disowned after he alleged that Mukul Sangma had a nexus with the ANVC-B.

Lambasting the newly floated outfit A’chik Songna An’pachakgipa Kotok (ASAK), Marak said, “Existence of ASAK is not relevant. They are trying to separate facts from values. They do not have ethical and moral orientation. ASAK shall be countered by the GNLA.”

The statement also termed ASAK’s allegation against the GNLA as a cheap publicity stunt. ASAK had stated that the commander-in-chief of GNLA, Sohan D. Shira, was taking unilateral decision for his vested interest.

Marak asserted that GNLA stands for the cause of Garo hills. “If the government is not willing to hold talks with the GNLA, we are prepared to adopt military action. Mukul has underestimated our willingness to come forward,” he said.