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Saturday , March 1 , 2014
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Shivanand blasts Nitish

Patna, Feb. 28: Outgoing Rajya Sabha MP Shivanand Tiwari today claimed that he was expelled from the JD(U) because he dared to say things unpleasant to Nitish Kumar’s ears.

“Nitish is God in his party and his words are final. If anyone dares to differ, how can that person be allowed to remain in Nitish’s party?” Tiwari said, a day after he was expelled from the JD(U) with four other Lok Sabha MPs.

The outgoing MP said Nitish had taken action against him quite late. “I was waiting for action ever since I spoke out my mind in Rajgir,” he said.

Tiwari said he had to face the music because of his outspokenness. “But I cannot put a lock on my mouth,” he said. The Rajya Sabha MP recalled that he had asked the state JD(U) chief, Bashishtha Narayan Singh, to specify what his “anti-party” activities were. “Till date, there is no answer,” he said.

Tiwari said Nitish had only one argument against him (Tiwari). “He thought I was speaking against him because I had been denied a re-nomination for the Rajya Sabha. If King Mahendra (Mahendra Singh, owner of a giant pharmaceutical company) can be re-nominated to the Rajya Sabha, why can’t I be re-nominated?”

He said Nitish had become so arrogant that he had forgotten that people elect the chief minister. “The Lok Sabha polls are coming. The results will show whether people want a dictator or democracy,” he said.

Incidentally, after the expulsion of the five JD(U) MPs, former chief minister Rabri Devi took a jibe at Nitish, who had declared that the split in the RJD was because of a “short circuit” in the electric wires of the party. Rabri said the transformer of the JD(U) had caught fire.