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Thursday , February 27 , 2014
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Clouds hint another bout of winter rain

Overcast conditions in Patna on Wednesday. Picture by Ashok Sinha

The Sun and clouds played hide and seek on Wednesday after two sunny days, while breeze in the lower level of the atmosphere brought the nip back in the air.

The overcast conditions in the city and elsewhere in the state have been attributed to the thirteenth western disturbance this winter. Weathermen have predicted light rain on Thursday and Friday, especially in southern and central Bihar, including Patna. Saturday is also expected to be cloudy.

The western disturbance has hit the state from the southern side. There was no rain anywhere across the state today (Wednesday) but light rainfall is expected over the next two days, especially in southern and central Bihar, said Ashish Sen, director, India Meteorological Department (IMD).

The Met director said the overcast conditions were expected to prevail on Saturday but the forecast on rainfall could be done only tomorrow (Thursday). The weather department issues general weather forecast for 48 hours only.

Already tired of frequent rainfall this winter, most residents were visibly depressed on Wednesday as clouds hovered over the skies once again. I dont like these rainy days at all. One is prone to illness in such weather. I dont even like to go out of home because of puddle on most streets. The overall weather itself seems too depressing, said Saurav Kumar, a resident of SK Nagar.

Weathermen had some encouraging words, though. They claimed that the fresh western disturbance was unlikely to give the chilly feeling.

The maximum temperature stood at 24.5C today (Wednesday) and the minimum was 13.4C. The expected maximum temperature over the next two days is around 22C and the minimum could be around 15. The temperature is already on a bit higher side these days. Thus, the fresh bout of rain is not expected to cause chilly conditions, said Sen.

There would neither be any day cold condition, nor wind-chill factor would be a worry for residents during this western disturbance. Comparatively higher level of temperature and continuous moisture incursion owing to rain has driven the fog away too.

The Met director claimed that the winter was expected to officially retreat from the state by the first week of March. According to meteorology, the winter season is said to have departed when the actual minimum temperature remains four to five notches above normal or 13C for around a week.