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Tuesday , February 25 , 2014
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Exam cheating ruse blown

- Civic cop trick to help sister in Madhyamik

Islampur, Feb. 24: A youth impersonating as a civic police guard today allegedly tried to pass chits of paper to his sister in Islampur on the first day of the Madhyamik examination.

It could not be confirmed whether Islampur High School, the examination centre, reported against the girl who was in the exam hall while her brother Enamul Haq was trying to throw some chits of paper inside.

The police have not named the girl.

Enamul had worn a civic police badge on the sleeve of his shirt and was carrying a stick. At Islampur High School, policemen and civic police guards were patrolling to catch outsiders who scale school compound walls and sometimes climb trees and throw in balls of paper with scribbled notes to help examinees.

According to the police, Enamul, a second-year college student, said he had gone to the school to help his sister find the right classroom where she was supposed to sit for her test. He said she had been “unable to find the classroom”. But the time when Enamul was seen on the campus was two hours after the exam had commenced at 12 noon.

One of the invigilators spotted Enamul near the window of the exam hall. A police source said: “He (Enamul) was seen by an invigilator when he was trying to sneak in notes through a window. The teachers on duty informed us and we caught him and took him to the police station.”

The source said Enamul claimed he was a civic police guard. But civic police personnel patrolling the area expressed doubt that he was one of them.

“We found out that he was not a civic police volunteer and was a student of Islampur College,” said the police source. He said the youth’s sister was allowed to continue with her examination.

Asked about the arrest, Umesh Jha, the teacher-in-charge of Islampur High School, said he would not comment on the matter. “We will send our report to the board. We are not authorised to make comments to the press.”

A student can be reported against if he/she is caught cheating. The exam result of the student is withheld. Sometimes invigilators snatch the answer papers from the student found cheating. But even if a student is allowed to continue writing the paper, he/she can still be reported against and action taken.

According to Islampur police, Enamul later admitted that he “had borrowed the badge from a friend who is a civic police volunteer. I entered the school as my sister was unable to locate the classroom where she was supposed to write her exam.”