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Tuesday , February 25 , 2014
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Today's Tips

DO be calm and forgiving


DONíT interact with strangers


Expect a host of activity




DO have faith in your creativity


DONíT indulge in idle chatter


Expect to be rewarded




DO make the most of an opportunity


DONíT let your mind wander


Expect to be surprised




DO be honest


DONíT be too severe


Expect opportunities




DO spend time with your loved ones


DONíT be impatient


Expect a tricky situation




DO share your problems with others


DONíT complain


Expect people to be appreciative





DO take care of your familyís needs


DONíT be indecisive


Expect to complete pending work ,SCORPIO



DO listen to your heart


DONíT make plans


Expect to make silly mistakes




DO express your love


DONíT take success for granted Expect to feel energetic




DO look forward to rewards


DONíT react to what people say


Expect clarity of thought




DO have the right attitude


DONíT ignore constructive criticism


Expect arguments




DO resist the urge to binge


DONíT be too complacent


Expect a lot to come your way