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Saturday , February 22 , 2014
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Poke, topple and watch in 9D

Imagine a movie experience where you are lifted, thrown, gathered, again hurled, sometimes fried under the open sky and finally left in the snow to cool.

Wooh! Feels frightful.

But if you have a knack for adventure and a love for movies, you can overwhelm your senses at the new 9D Cinema at GV Mall near the Boring Road crossing.

Around a-year-and-a-half from the advent of a 5D theatre at Thrill Park in P&M Mall, movie-watching experience has now been upgraded to 9D. The recently opened 9D theatre at GV Mall is offering never-felt-before special effects, including 360-degree seat movement, lightning, fog and leg vibrations.

The theatre is not too big but hydraulic seats, fitted with handles and seat belts, are huge.

One can enjoy a stimulating 3D animated movie with surround sound, coupled with active-motion luxury seats and dramatic effects such as rain, fog, lightning, wind, snow, touch, feel and poke. One can get pleasure from the “action-ride” visual experience like you have never enjoyed on any amusement ride before.

Gaming enthusiasts would also have a gala time at the theatre because they would actually feel like driving a racing car and the wind ruffling their hair at a speed of over 150kmph. An explosion would no longer be a show of light effects at the 9D Cinema as viewers would smell fireworks in the theatre. Effects like lightning, leg and back ticklers, and fog, while watching the horror flick House of Hell, would surely give most viewers goosebumps.

The theatre uses two 3D projectors on 170mm-wide screen with 7.1 DTS (Digital Theatre Systems) and other state-of-the-art equipment imported from Hong Kong. The physical special effects equipment include two rain machines in the front, two wind machines below the screen, two bubble machines and two fog machines. Two lightning machines are placed on either side of the walls and another two rain machines are fitted on the rear wall.

DTS is a series of multi-channel audio technologies owned by DTS, Inc., an American company specialising in digital surround sound formats used for both commercial/theatrical and consumer grade applications.

Diwakar Roy (23), the owner of 9D Cinema, said this is the fifth such recreation house in the country. “The first 9D theatre came up in Chennai in 2011, followed by Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Initially, I was thinking to open the 9D theatre in Pune but I decided in favour of Patna because I wanted to become a part of the ongoing development of Bihar,” said Roy, who was born in Patna but had studied in Symbiosis College of Arts and Commerce, Pune.

The 9D Cinema at present has a collection of around 150 movies on various themes, including education, horror, thrill, action, adventure, war, flight and disaster. The price of a ticket is Rs 150 per person but Roy said they are mulling to raise it to Rs 200.

At present, the introductory offer is, for every three persons, one person is free and for three couples, one couple is free. “We are also working on setting up a small coffee shop for 18 people. It would be opened in March,” Roy added.

The city embarked on the multi-dimensional movie watching experience nearly three years ago. Patna got its first 3D theatre in the form of the renovated Regent Cinema in June 2011. After a month, the city got its second 3D screen at Cinepolis at P&M Mall. The 3D movies are shown on screen number 4 of the multiplex. The maiden 5D theatre called Thrill Park was inaugurated at P&M Mall on November 11, 2012.

Madhusudan Rajgarhial, the director of Dream Vision group that runs the 5D theatre, said the response has been average so far. “The footfall has been average. Proper marketing or promotion of such kind of theatres is very important and we need to take some more steps to increase the footfall,” said Rajgarhial.