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Wednesday , February 19 , 2014
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Aamir show to salute Mountain Man’s toil

Aamir Khan will start his pan India journey on Satyamev Jayate season 2 with Dasrath Manjhi, the man who devoted his life to carving out a road from a mountain.

The show’s first season was a big hit with the audience with its fresh outlook on issues plaguing India, such as female foeticide. The new season will start on March 2 with Bihar. The first episode will be based on Dasrath Manjhi.

Sources said Aamir would visit Manjhi’s village in Gaya’s Gehlaur later this week to see for himself the work undertaken by one man with a hammer and chisel.

Manjhi had carved a road out of the Gehlaur Hills in 22 years, earning him the sobriquet Mountain Man. Single-handedly he shortened the distance between Wazirganj and Atri blocks of Gaya from 50km to 10km.

Aamir told The Telegraph: “I find Dasrath Manjhi a very inspirational character. His life tells us what a single person can achieve if s/he is focused, does not give up and is strong in his/her conviction. It makes us believe that nothing is impossible.”

Manjhi, who died in 2007 from cancer, undertook the project of carving a road out of the hills in Gaya in early 1957. The reason to undertake the work was rather romantic. Manjhi’s wife had to cross a narrow space to carry lunch for him when he worked on the other side of the hills. During the walk, his wife often suffered bruises all over her body, leading Manjhi to embark on the mission.

In 22 years, he constructed the 360ft long and 30ft wide road meandering through the hills. Once the road was ready, over 1 lakh residents in Mohra, Atri and Wazirganj blocks of Gaya district used it as a corridor to their respective destinations.

A source in Aamir’s team said: “The journey (of the second season of Satyamev Jayate) will start with the hardworking and dedicated man from Bihar. Aamir will come to Gaya and visit Manjhi’s village on February 22. He wants to see the impossible thing made possible in 22 years. He wants to meet Manjhi’s family and salute his spirit.”

Anchored by Bollywood’s Mr Perfectionist, the show’s first season highlighted different issues like female foeticide, sexual abuse of children, dowry and others.

The source added: “We cannot reveal the whole schedule of the episode. Unlike the first season, this year we have announced the character we have chosen for our episode. The more we announce, more would the audience lose curiosity. All we’ll say is Dasrath Manjhi is a part of the episode.”