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Monday , February 17 , 2014
CIMA Gallary

Drivers looted at gunpoint

An armed gang allegedly assaulted the drivers of three trucks and snatched their watches, mobile phones and money on Beleghata Main Road, near Palmer Bazar, around 3am on Saturday.

Two of the drivers suffered deep cuts on their heads after being hit with a revolver butt, police said.

The three trucks were transporting stone chips from Birbhum to the Calcutta Municipal Corporation’s Entally godown for road repair.

“When one of the trucks slowed down after hitting a narrow road near a railway bridge, five youths stopped it. They asked the driver and the helper at gunpoint to hand over their cash and valuables. When the driver tried to resist them, the youths hit him on the head with the butt of a revolver and forced him to give them his cell phone, watch and money,” said an officer of Beleghata police station.

The youths then turned their attention to the other two trucks that had stopped behind the first.

“The goons assaulted one of the two drivers on the head with the revolver butt and snatched cell phones, watches and money from both,” said the officer. “The gang looted around Rs 8,000 from the trio.”

The two injured drivers were taken to a hospital nearby and given seven stitches on their heads, said the police.

A preliminary investigation suggests the crime was the handiwork of local criminals. “Suspects’ modus operandi suggests that they were not from a distant place. They did not chase the trucks in vehicles. After committing the crime, they ran away,” said another police officer.

The police conducted raids on various places in the Beleghata-Kankurgachi area in search of the youths but drew a blank.