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Monday , February 17 , 2014
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Skirt stairs to avoid joint pain

People above 40 years of age need to be extra cautious to avoid joint- and knee-related problems owing to bone degeneration.

On the concluding day of the 40th annual conference of Bihar Orthopaedic Association on Sunday, experts said middle-aged people should avoid squatting and climbing stairs if he/she has joint pain.

These were some of the tips shared by around 500 orthopaedic surgeons from across the country, including doctors from AIIMS-Delhi, who had participated in the three-day conference.

The doctors added that people above 40 years, who have developed joint pain, should avoid doing all kinds of exercise and yogasans. However, doing anulom-vilom (a kind of breathing exercise) and kapalbhati (one of the yogasans) could be helpful for those suffering from joint pain.

Bharat Singh, a member of the Bihar Orthopaedic Association and a noted surgeon, said: “There are methods by which knee surgery could be avoided for a long time. To avoid a surgery, many things could be done such as amending the sitting posture. Also avoid squatting and climbing stairs in case one has joint pain. Maintaining weight is also very important after 40. Overweight people tend to develop joint- and knee-related problems. After 40, get five tests — blood pressure, sugar, cholesterol, thyroid and osteoporosis — done because these problems are co-related.”

Ranjit Kumar Singh, also a member of the association, spoke about a new study related to injectable Vitamin D.

“A study has revealed that the injectable Vitamin D is anti-malignant. This means it stops the formation of cancer-causing cells in the body,” he said.

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