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Friday , February 14 , 2014
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V-day special

“What is the essence of Valentine’s Day?”...   | Read..

'Rright, so you’re paired up. Now, pick a food combo that matches the kind of couple you are!

For the diehard romantic duo who have a secret weakness for things heart-shaped. Sweet and safe. ...   | Read..

Irfan Ahmed whips up cocktails for three types of Calcutta couples

The classic couple — older, graceful and very in love ...   | Read..

t2 tunes into 15 love songs that we enjoy on repeat mode

Everybody Hurts...   | Read..

30 love songs from the last 63 years

Love Me Tender by Elvis Presley: Be it the song or the movie The King made out of it, it’s an immortal ...   | Read..

t2 tunes into 16 head-over-heels love songs for him and her

Follow Your Arrow ...   | Read..

10 usual suspects among musicians who make sure Cupid hits bullseye

Bryan Adams...   | Read..

t2 tunes into 13 soundtracks which define that crazy little thing called...

Bridget Jones Diary (2001) Bridget tries to turn her life around, falls in love with the wrong guy and finally gives in to a snob, ......   | Read..

Sweet, sexy or a bit of both — here are some dare-bare and naughty night-time picks for you. wink, wink!

Take a cue from Alessandra Ambrosio and knock him off in a super sexy va-va-voom bustier!...   | Read..

LOVE ’em OR HATE ’em, you just can’t ignore ’em

The t2 campus team survival guide for the singleton on couple’s day ...   | Read..

Team t2 is always falling in love... and often the objects of our affection are only to be found between the covers!

As a 12-year-old, I fell in love first with Clark Gable and then the character he immortalised, in that order. What intrigues...   | Read..

What makes an ideal partner for geny?

We all grow up reading Cinderella and dreaming about our own Prince Charming. Tall, dark, handsome, suave...   | Read..

Bookworm, the PYB (pretty young bibliophile), pens a guide to love & lust

It’s great to be single, it’s even better to be in love. ...   | Read..

Confused about why you’re still single? Here’s a quick checklist of possible reasons

Are you single and raring to mingle, but still without a partner on Valentine’s Day? The t2 Campus team draws up a chec...   | Read..

Rules of the dating game are a-changing

The first move...   | Read..

Q and Rii talk a for attraction and b for body

She is the intuitive actress, he the iconoclastic filmmaker. She affectionately calls him Babai, and he calls her Goltu. She ...   | Read..

Rahil Gangjee and Maithreyi share their love story with t2 — from the golf shots to the wedding ring

It was really quick. Rahil proposed and I was shocked, but I agreed! ...   | Read..

From WACKY to ‘uh-oh’ — these pick-up lines are worth a read (if not try)!

You smell like trash, can I take you out?!...   | Read..

Who is on the lust/love list OF team t2 for today?

Rugged. Tough. Dreamy. Drool-worthy. Charming. Sexy. Y...   | Read..

N-for-naughty games for the w-for-wild!

If you want to spend your V-Day playing the sub...   | Read..

Love in 60 seconds: our favourite romantic Ads

A newly-married armyman brings his wife home for the first time. She, clearly homesick and not happy in her new environment,...   | Read..

Here’s looking at our fave love stories from the world of sports. which sporting stars should hook up? tell"

Indian cricket’s current heart-throb had a fabulous 2013 on the pitch — matching ...   | Read..

Wanna be oh-so-sexy for your date tonight? take our tips

Make-up pro Abhijit Chanda preps and primes model ...   | Read..

Mushy — and messy — proposals that have gone viral on Youtube

Thompson and Veronique met while on holiday in Australia in 2007. Five years later, Thompson wanted to pop the question,...   | Read..

Eat, shop, love — Jodi love diley naa praane lead pair Abir Chatterjee and Ananya Chatterjee

POP THE POPCORN: Throughout their day out, Abir and Ananya fought over a tub of ...   | Read..

They’ve given us imaginary people we’ve lost our hearts to for real. SO which characters do our fave authors love? t2 finds out

Well, everyone has been in love with Elizabeth Bennet [from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen]. And I’m sure women hav...   | Read..

Romantic lines that have spelt mush magic on our screen

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Agle saat janmon tak tum Vanraj ki ho, lekin aathve janam mein tum meri hogi ...   | Read..

Ten mush moments that have made us believe in love

Elizabethtown:Drew (Orlando Bloom) calls up Claire (Kirsten Dunst) and the two have a long phone conversation ...   | Read..

Team t2 goes all mushy and plays romantic favourites

Il postino: “Poetry doesn’t belong to those who write it, but those who need it….” Is there anyone ...   | Read..

New love words!

FWB: Friends with Benefits
Example: A: I spent last night at Rahul’s place.. ...   | Read..

The A to Z of her modern love dictionary!

Foods that help you get into the mood...   | Read..

t2 picks one romance from every year of the new millennium

There was hardly any girl (or woman) who didn’t fall in love with Hrithik Roshan after watching his debut film. The Ra...   | Read..

Ten romantic scenes that made — and make — us go ‘Aww’!

Shalini’s (Preity Zinta) heart beats for Akash (Aamir Khan), but circumstances find her getting married to childhood f...   | Read..

One romance from every year of the new millennium

The crackling chemistry between a single mother and a gypsy makes this Lasse Hallström film the defining romance of the deca...   | Read..

Team t2 lists their favourite made-for-two destinations

All ye lovers, make me thy love nest! You know that’s actually what that bed...   | Read..

Wacky & weird memes on that L-word called love!

February 14 = Forever Alone Day for many of us. So......   | Read..

Don’t like naughty? do cute. here’s how...

Apply soft brown shadow on the socket of the eye. Sweep some also on the lower lash line. ...   | Read..
V-day special