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Thursday , February 13 , 2014
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Wireless at Chowrasta

The Darjeeling Chowrasta. File picture

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi stands for Wireless Fidelity. It is a facility that allows digital devices within a particular area to connect to the Internet and one another. The technology is basic. A Wi-Fi network can be set up in a home within a few minutes

When will Chowrasta become a Wi-Fi zone?

Sonam Bhutia, the executive director in charge of the tourism department of the GTA, said on Wednesday that Chowrasta could become a Wi-Fi zone in “two to three weeks”

How will it be useful?

A Wi-Fi connection will provide access to the Internet and all the benefits that it entails. For example, a tourist from Calcutta without a return ticket might be able to buy a Bagdogra-Calcutta ticket online sitting at the Mall without needing to find a cyber café

How will people access it?

Users have to enable Wi-Fi on their phone or laptop or tablet and click connect when their device finds the network

Will those with Internet on their phones benefit?

Yes, but the phone must have Wi-Fi facility. The facility is available in most smartphones. If Wi-Fi is available, tourists will not have to use the data connection on their phones. This should help tourists because data on roaming can be quite costly. The GTA has not specified the speed for the service yet

How does my device get the Wi-Fi signal?

A basic Wi-Fi network is set up using routers — a device that converts a wired Internet connection into a wireless one. At Chowrasta, three routers would be placed to cover the 300m radius

Will it be free for an unlimited duration?

Yes, GTA executive Bhutia has said. There is a downside, though. If no time or data limit is set for Wi-Fi Internet access, then people might start downloading films and songs, thus slowing down the speed at which Internet is available to others

What area will the Wi-Fi cover?

A radius of 300m will be Wi-Fi enabled at Chowrasta

Do Wi-Fi users at Chowrasta need to know a password?

No. One can log in without a password. A password is required in places where the network is secured. In public spaces, such as some airports, Wi-Fi may be accessed without any password

Are hotels in Darjeeling Wi-Fi-enabled?

Some hotels and restaurants in Darjeeling are Wi-Fi enabled. Many residences, too, are Wi-Fi enabled. However, no public space in Darjeeling, the whole of north Bengal and Sikkim is Wi-Fi enabled

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