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Wednesday , February 12 , 2014
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Japanese advice on new heart treatment

Doctors in the city received training on Tuesday from their Japanese counterparts to address the problem of blockage of coronary arteries in the heart.

Japan-based Kenji Kawajiri, a member of the Indo-Japan Chronic Total Occlusion Club, along with his team provided training to the doctors of Paras HMRI Hospital.

Pramod Kumar, head, cardiology department, Paras HMRI Hospital, said: “Chronic Total Occlusion (CTO) is a condition in which the coronary artery in the heart is completely blocked. This is a complex angioplasty method that is not being done anywhere in Bihar. Paras HMRI Hospital is one of the hospitals to have introduced this system in the country.”

Divulging details about CTO, Ajay Kumar Sinha, a doctor of Paras HMRI Hospital, said: “In CTO, a wire is put into the artery to open the blockages. While in bypass surgery, the damaged arteries are replaced.”

He added: “As CTO angioplasty doesn’t involve any surgery, its success rate is very good. It also saves the expenditure of a patient. Japanese companies manufacture the wires used in the treatment.”

The Paras HMRI Hospital would also install an intravascular ultrasound machine in a week, the doctors said.

“The machine gives clear images of the coronary arteries in the heart. Intravascular ultrasound machine also helps in angioplasty treatment,” said Pramod Kumar.