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Monday , February 10 , 2014
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Actor jigsaw baffles BJP


Chennai, Feb. 9: Whiffs of a family discord, over-ambition and multi-sided bargaining have blurred the electoral options of Vijayakanth’s DMDK.

The BJP is on the verge of calling off its month-old talks with the actor because of what it sees as his unrealistic demands and double game of negotiating with the DMK too.

Earlier, the BJP had swallowed its pride and offered Vijayakanth 12 Lok Sabha seats while earmarking nine each for itself, Ramadoss’s PMK and Vaiko’s MDMK.

“Then we learnt that he was flaunting our offer to pitch for a higher number of seats from the DMK,” a BJP leader said.

“This made the PMK and the MDMK nervous, fearing we might offer Vijayakanth more seats by lowering their share. Eventually, we failed to parade these three party’s leaders at Narendra Modi’s meeting here yesterday.”

DMK sources said Vijayakanth had sought 15 Lok Sabha seats from Stalin but was offered only 11, along with one Rajya Sabha seat. That apparently prompted the actor to make a fresh but unsuccessful demand to the BJP for 15 Lok Sabha seats and two Rajya Sabha seats from Madhya Pradesh or Rajasthan.

But while Vijayakanth is now keen to strike a deal with the DMK, his wife Premalatha is pitching for the BJP.

“She fears the DMK would work to defeat the DMDK’s Lok Sabha candidates to prune its bargaining power for the 2016 Assembly elections,” a DMDK source said.

“She envisages a situation where neither the DMK nor Jayalalithaa is part of an NDA government at the Centre while the DMDK is, which would help it in the 2016 polls.”

Vijayakanth is receiving feedback from ticket applicants, hoping for some clarity.