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Cry for fence to ward off lake polluters
- RMC councillors to take up issue at board meeting next Monday

A leisurely walk along Ranchi Lake leads to more annoyance than pleasure, thanks to the smelly surroundings.

But, what is more horrifying for Ranchi Municipal Corporation (RMC) councillors is that the area and other lakes across the city are fast turning into ideal spots to abandon babies.

On Tuesday afternoon, an infant was spotted in a heap of garbage in Ranchi Lake area. Local residents informed the nearby police station. By the time the team reached the spot, the infant was found dead with injury marks all over her body, which revealed that dogs had already enjoyed a feast.

However, according to ward No. 24 councillor Saba Naaz, such incidents are not new in the city. “Abandoning babies — dead or alive — is so common in this area that people have stopped paying attention to the issue,” Naaz said.

Local fishermen, whose fishing nets often catch month-old foetus, corroborated her statement. “We report to police only when we find bodies of infants. But, when we find foetus, we again throw it back into the water,” said Jamil.

According to councillor Naaz, residents from adjoining localities like Old Commissioner Compound and Hindpiri Third Street dump garbage in the vicinity of Ranchi Lake, while employees of Seva Sadan Hospital in nearby Upper Bazar area throw foetus into the water.

Not only Ranchi Lake, ward No. 28 councillor Ashok Kumar Baraik said that Kadru Talab in his ward too has become a garbage dumping site and a boundary wall around the pond is the need of the hour.

Thus, the councillors have decided to raise the issue during the next board meeting scheduled to be held on February 3.

They will request the civic body to take up beautification project of the lake. The councillors will ask for high mast lights, street lights along the stretch of the water body and a boundary wall around the lake. “Unless these are done, the lake cannot be protected and people will continue to dump garbage,” said Naaz.

RMC deputy mayor Sanjeev Vijaywargiya said the issues were genuine and needed to be discussed.