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Thursday , January 30 , 2014
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Metro suicide

Metro services were disrupted for about an hour on Wednesday evening after a man committed suicide at Sovabazar-Sutanuti station.

Prasenjit Roy, 36, jumped in front of a New Garia (Kavi Subhash)-bound train at 6.04pm.

Metro ran truncated services between Central and New Garia from 6.04pm to 7pm. Services between Noapara and Sovabazar-Sutanuti remained suspended during the period. Normality resumed after 7pm.

In another incident, at 2.15pm on Wednesday, a man was spotted walking by the Metro tracks between Dum Dum and Belgachhia stations.

He was intoxicated and was picked up in the driverís cabin of a southbound train and taken to Belgachhia station where he was handed over to police, said officials.

While the authorities denied the incident to be a breach of security, they did acknowledge that the overground stretch between Belgachhia and Dum Dum became porous because of gaps and cracks in the boundary wall. ďItís neither possible nor feasible to have officers man the entire 25-km stretch of the tracks from Noapara to New Garia,Ē said a senior Metro official.