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Sunday , January 26 , 2014
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Winter sticks to departure deadline

Patna, Jan. 25: Winter would bow out of the state at its scheduled time around the second week of February.

Weathermen have claimed that the fourth western disturbance this winter is expected to hit the state around February 1. It would cause overcast conditions in the region.

“A western disturbance, originating near Red Sea, was near Pakistan on Saturday. It is expected to move eastwards towards the plains and may lead to cloud cover over Bihar as well for a day or two around February 1,” said R.K. Giri, scientist, India Meteorological Department (IMD), Patna.

In 2013, winter departed the state on February 24, in 2012, on February 14, in 2011, on February 15, in 2010, on February 8 and in 2009, on February 12.

The hazy sky this morning gave way to bright sunshine later. The Met department has predicted clear weather on Republic Day. Moderate fog over the next three days would cause the visibility to dip below 200 metres in the morning.

“The wind pattern is expected to change from the prevailing northwesterly to westerly from tomorrow (Sunday). As westerly winds are mostly dry, the chill in the air would be felt at night and in the morning over the next few days. However, the wind pattern is expected to change to easterly as soon as the upcoming western disturbance brings moisture-laden winds from the sea. This would slightly raise the minimum temperature,” said Giri.

Meteorologists claimed that the weather for departure of winter is expected to arrive in the second week of February. “Though we do not officially announce the arrival or departure of winter, we look at certain criteria for broad assessment of the same. If the actual minimum temperature remains four to five notches above normal for five to six consecutive days at this time of the year, it could be said that winter conditions are no more prevailing at a place,” said Giri.

Today’s (Saturday) minimum temperature on Saturday stood at 14.8ºC, six notches above normal.

While winter is yet to bid adieu, weathermen have claimed that the present weather is comparatively warmer. It has got 17mm rainfall between January 1 and 22 against an average of 9mm during the same period. Explaining the reason behind comparatively warmer winter this year, Giri said: “The state was affected by only three western disturbances this year.”

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