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Tuesday , January 21 , 2014
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Here comes the sun... & clouds
Bright dawn brings cheers

The sun is back but with a rider: the midweek can be cloudy again.

Residents woke to an overcast city during the weekend and similar gloomy conditions can make a comeback in a couple of days.

Weathermen claimed that the clouds that had caused the rain on Saturday had cleared by Sunday night only but their remaining moisture content kept the sun at bay on Monday morning as well.

“The condensed moisture left by the rains led to formation of localised and thin clouds in the lower level of atmosphere on Monday morning. But it got cleared by 1pm,” said R.K. Giri, scientist, India Meteorological Department (IMD), Patna.

However, the meteorologist claimed that the cloudy weather might hit the city on Thursday. A twin-weather system — a western disturbance from Pakistan and a low-pressure area from the Arabian Sea — is expected to bring clouds in the state.

There is also a slight possibility that the clouds may not cause rain in the region. But the weatherman claimed that they would be able to give a final forecast for the same by Tuesday only. “The low-pressure area and the western disturbance are expected to reach Bihar by January 23. As a result, clouding is expected across the state on Thursday and Friday. Though a final forecast regarding possibility of rain would come only on Tuesday but it is unlikely to cause much rainfall in the state,” he said.

This would be the third western disturbance that has the possibility to hit Bihar this month.

A western disturbance is basically a low-pressure system originating from the Mediterranean Sea that leads to sudden winter rain in northwest Indian sub-continent, including Iran, Pakistan and India among others.

While the state awaits the cocktail of chilly and overcast weather conditions, the minimum temperature in the city plummeted by two notches on Monday morning. From 13.5 degrees Celsius recorded on Sunday, it came down to 9.9 degrees Celsius on Monday.

Clouds having cleared, the Met officer claimed that a declining trend would be observed in the minimum temperature on Tuesday as well. “Minimum temperature is expected to come down to 9 degrees Celsius on Tuesday. This is because of the radiation from the earth surface would be able to rise in the upper level of atmosphere without any obstruction (in the form of cloud cover) in the night. This would lead to cooling in the lower level of atmosphere,” said Giri.

The low minimum temperature is also likely to be aided by fog cover in the morning hours. IMD’s headquarters in Delhi, in its evening bulletin on Monday, gave forecast for dense fog (visibility less than 200 metres) at a few places in the state till January 22.

Meanwhile, weathermen have ruled out possibility of cold wave conditions anywhere in the state over the next few days. A cold wave is declared only when the minimum temperature drops five degrees or more below normal in winter for more than two days. Incidentally, this season is yet to witness conditions of cold wave or day cold — when the maximum temperature is around 8-10°C below normal.